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Erin L. Drayer
7th Grade Language Arts/Reading Edge
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 There is a new extra credit opportunity posted in the EXTRA CREDIT section of the website.  It is an awesome project if you put thought, effort, and some heart into it!  Check out the WHERE I'M FROM poetry assignment to learn more.  The last day I can accept this project and any other extra credit will be June 4, 2014.
Special 100 point Extra Credit Opportunity!!! 
Steel-High's own Character Night, performed by the 11th grade Honors English & history class will take place this Friday, May 9th at 6pm in the high school auditorium.  Admission to this event is FREE and anyone can attend - students and families.  This is an awesome example of the excellence in academics that our students showcase and 7th graders can earn up to 100 points extra credit for attending and filling out a short question sheet about what they saw.  This sheet will be posted in the extra credit section of the website or students can get these directly from me in class!  
Come out and support our Junior Class! 
 On Wednesday, May 14th, all 7th grade students will be starting work on an in-class culminating project to wrap up our last novel, Darkness Before Dawn.  Students will be creating a mosaic, or collage, of pictures and words that summarize the important elements of the novel.  This will require a posterboard (or something similar) of any size, color, design, etc.  It just needs to be bigger than a computer-sized piece of paper.  Students may store these boards in my classroom until we begin work on the project.  Make sure they write their name on one side in pen or marker.  If there are any issues in getting this material, please let me know.  I only have small pieces of construction paper to offer students and smaller paper will make it a little less fun to complete the project.
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