• Mrs. Heisey
    5th Grade English Language Arts
    Steelton-Highspire Elementary
    Dear Parents and Guardians:
    I am excited to welcome you and your child to 5th grade at Steelton-Highspire Elementary school.  Our fifth grade team includes Mrs. Donnelly (Math), Mr. Houck (Science), Mrs. Reigle (SS), Mr. Rhodes (Math) and me.  I will be teaching Language Arts skills ( Reading, Grammar and Writing). We aim to promote a love of learning, responsibility and teamwork skills.
    During the 2021-2022 school year, we will use materials to research and apply our acquired knowledge.  We will be using a new reading series, called "Wit and Wisdom" from which we will be learning most of our ELA and SS skills.  Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday with some assignments extending through the weekend. Reading a book of one's choice for 75+ minutes, per week, is highly encouraged and expected.
    I look forward  to meeting each of you and working together as your child learns and grows.  Your involvement and our open communication is very important to your son's/ daughter's success.  Please sign up for Class Dojo - a free app for us to easily stay connected.  You can also reach me by phone or email.  
    Mrs. Simone T. Heisey
    #704-3800 ext. 4132 
     Mrs. Heisey
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    DONNELLY - tvjv6um
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