• Greetings: 

    I graduated from Messiah College with a minor in Business Information Systems and certified in Business, Computer and Technology.  Today computer applications are used in every aspect of our lives such as self-check-out, iPhone, cars, etc.  Students in the computer application classes will be learning how to become successful digital citizens.  Seventh grade through ninth grade will learn important information as related to digital citizenship.    Tenth grade students will begin to explore coding and technology.  In Eleventh grade, students will be exploring technology as related to programing such things as drones, robotic arms, etc.  Twelfth grade students will be learning program languages. 

    Due to the advancement in technology and integration in our society each student will be learning keyboard through online platform. All students will be using Typing.com.  The students will receive a logon information the first week of school.  They will be provided fifteen minutes each class to work on the lesson assigned to them in class.   


    Mr. Roth