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    What is Technology:
    Technology is the use of electronic devices to enhance every day life. In the School environment it is a valuable resource that will only grow in popularity and resourcefulness.
    The Technology Department works closely with the Administration to maintain a safe and exciting learning environment. It is the function of the this department to maintain and improve upon all technology related resources throughout the district. This in turn will help provide our students, staff and community with invaluable resources to enhance their futures. 
    The technology budget is very small compared to the need so we have to rely on many federal grants and state initiatives to supplement the local budget. Much of the technology we have in our district has been funded through grant money and federal dollars. As a result our district has done well keeping up with the neighboring communities and most times excelling in the technology aspect of education. We will always need technology and the finances to support it. Below you can find some of the thing the district is doing to utilize this great resource. 
    Computers: Of course we all know that computers are the main drive to technology and they are everywhere today. The district is doing the best it can to make sure this valuable resource is available to every child enrolled. Every teacher has a computer so they can research new lessons and ideas and communicate with each other and the community. Most classrooms at our High School have an extra computer for student research. There are 4 stationary computer labs at the High School and one mobile computer lab that can be rolled into a classroom for the students to use. We have a lot but we also still need to update these and make sure they continue to function properly. 
    Digital Video Projectors:  Each building is provided with several digital projectors. These projectors can be connected to any computer to allow large screen viewing of digital images.  Educators often use the digital video projector to display PowerPoint presentations, to display web pages, and to demonstrate classroom exercises. We are planning to invest in more of these as money permits. It is a great replacement for televisions in each room because they are so much more versatile.
    Smartboards:(digital whiteboards) The district has several smart boards located throughout the buildings. These are electronic white boards that connect to the computer and projector to allow a student or teacher to control the computer by touching the screen. The students love the interactivity of this tool and the staff love the ease of use. All they have to do is touch the screen and it will write and save what they want digitally. 
    Classroom Performance Systems (CPS):  The CPS system uses remote controls to send a signal to a base station which is connected to a computer.  Each student can participate in a lesson or a test by using a remote. The device can use the software to then collect and record survey data, review instructional material in a game like environment, or collect student responses to survey questions.
    Video Conferencing:  Video conferencing has been around for a while but it has just recently become available to the district. It allows a classroom or a single staff member to connect via camera and microphone to another person/s around the world. It is very low cost because the connection is going across our internet connection. This provides our student and faculty with an unlimited view of the work and access an enormous amount of resources.
    Software: The district has several software packages that it subscribes too and purchases. Every computer in the district has Microsoft office for productivity purposes. We also have Macromedia studio for additional productivity to help create exciting lessons and publications. We have a multitude of digital tutoring programs like CCC math, Skills Tutor, HeadSprout, Academy of Math, Achieve3000(Kid Biz, Teen Biz), Power School, School Wires,  Opposing Viewpoints, World Book Online, Digital Curriculum, United streaming and several more. These all provide our students with excellent educational opportunities and learning strategies.
Last Modified on July 26, 2016