October 4, 1930: Quarterback/Halfback Robert Black scored the Rollers 5,000th all-time point on a 40 yard 2nd quarter run in a 59-0 win over Enola High atop Cottage Hill.


    November 3, 1962: During a snow storm Halfback Mario Corradi scored the Rollers 10,000th all-time point on an 8 yard 1st quarter run in a 20-7 win over Cedar Cliff High atop Cottage Hill.


    October 8, 1988: Quarterback Lynn Jones scored the Rollers 15,000th all-time point on a 3 yard 4th quarter run in a 6-14 loss to Harrisburg High atop Cottage Hill.


    November 9, 2007: Defensive back Jeff Davis scored the Rollers 20,000th all-time point on the 2nd of his back to back 1st quarter interceptions for touchdowns in a 53-8 1st round District 3 playoff win over Fairfield atop Cottage Hill.