All About Mrs. Grob
    Hi! My name is Lisa Grob. I have been teaching at the Steelton-Highspire School District since 1991. Of the last 29 years I have been here, 16 of those years were spent in fifth grade. Thirteen years ago,  I wanted a change and chose to go to first grade. I absolutely adored my class. The next year, an opening in kindergarten became available and I decided to pursue that option. I have been utterly exhausted, but thrilled with the change. The students are adorable and enthusiastic. Their energy gives me the drive to get better and better at my job. On a personal note, I am married with three children. Jason, the oldest, is a computer guy. He is a Security System Administor for Pennsylvania Interactive. Trisha, my middle child, is a graduate of Bloomsburg University and has a Master's in Nutrition and Public Health from the University of Westminster, London, England. Currently, she is a nutrition educator for the state of Maryland. Amber, my baby, is a graduate of East Pennsboro High School and a Support Conciliator for Montgomery County Domestic Relations. She is active in sports and an avid reader. Like all three of my children, I love to read, spend time at the beach, and lounge around the house.