Students in grades K-2, check out 1 book each time they come to library as long as they have returned their previous book. 
    3rd-6th graders can check out 2 books each time they come as long as they have returned their previous book(s).
    Library format is the first 15-20 minutes is a lesson and the last half of the period is book selection and check out.  
    K and 1st will all go search for their books as a collective group; 2 and 3rd will be divided up into two groups, given 7 minutes each to find a book and come check it out.  
    For K-1, if a child forgets their library book, they are provided with a coloring sheet of a literary character.
    For 2-3, if a child forgets their library book, they are provided with a file folder game that focuses on a Language Arts or Math skill.
    RED dotted books are for 4th-6th graders only.
    LEGO books are for grades 3rd-6th graders.
    If you are moving, please make sure to return the books.  
    If books are lost or damaged beyond repair:
    1) They can be paid for: $5 for paperbacks, $10 for hardcovers
    2) Replaced with another book, nope doesn't have to be the same book.
        *Minecraft exception: If you lose a MINECRAFT book, it must be replaced with a MINECRAFT book.  
    All students earn grades in library based on their participation during the lesson and returning books in a timely manner.  
    4th-6th graders also engage in other graded assignments that target literacy skills like decoding, genre identification, non-fiction & reference book comprehension, and creative writing.
    5th grade will be completing a PREZI creative writing unit.
    6th graders complete a research unit in which they hone proper internet usage, researching a non-fiction topic, notetaking, and writing. 
    While we appreciate new additions, please note that books should be in the gently used or brand new condition.  Hardcovers are preferred since they tend to last longer! 
    If you were looking to donate, please consider some of the following suggestions, including a wish list I have set up through Amazon.com: