• Hello and welcome to my webpage! Thank you for checking in as I will provide you with some of my background. I am married to my lovely wife Stephanie and I have two children Scott 23 and Victoria 18. If you ever need to contact me in regards to your child, my cell number is 717-903-0732 and my email is mgaffey@shsd.k12.pa.us and that is the best way to contact me during the school day. I look forward to working with your son/daughter this school year!!
    I have taught the following grade levels over the past 28 years:
    Student Teaching Experience: Holy Name of Jesus School (3rd Grade)
    Susquenita Elementary School: (4th Grade)
    Palmyra Elementary Schools: (2nd Grade ...2 years)  (5th Grade...4years)
    Palmyra Middle School (8th Grade....4 years Social Studies (American History)
    Steel High Elementary School (Building Sub...2 years) (4th Grade...1 year)  (5th Grade...15 years)
    I have a Bachelor's Degree from Penn State University (Telecommunications) and a Teaching Level II Certificate from Wilson College (Elem Education) In addition, I have a 6 year Honorable Discharge from the PA Army National Guard which included my infantry training at Fort Benning, Georgia.
    In 1991 I was nominated by my Principal Mr. Whittle for the Pennsylvania Jaycees "OYE" Outstanding Young Educator Award.
    In terms of homework, you can expect Math homework every night, but Friday's! If a student is finished with their homework at school, they are still supposed to bring it home and have you sign off that you are aware of the LEQ and that the student has mastered the daily skill. You can access any of my lesson's on youtube if you need retaught the skill.
    We will cover 120 lessons in Saxon Math throughout the year in prep for State Assessment in the Spring. If you are looking for extra skill practice on the weekends...you can get on the ALEKS Math computer program which has your child work at their specific skill level! Also, the KHAN Math Academy is a great site that provides quality skill instruction for students.
    If you ever need anything regarding your child, don't hesitate to contact me 24/7...weekends included. I want to make this school year the best possible learning experience your child has ever had!! Most of my former students will testify to that statement!!