•            Spelling City
    In order to get to Spelling City click on the link below. Spelling City is a site dedicated to helping students learn how to spell, use, and read the desired words.
    The words that have been entered into Spelling City are the 100 Book Challenge word lists (through black) and the various levels of sight words.
    Some of the activities students can participate in are practice spelling tests, putting the words in alphabetic order, Hang Mouse (similar to Hang Man), word scrambles, sentence scrambles, and Memory (a matching game).
                     * Please note that not all games on Spelling City are free. The items appearing on the lefthandside are free, however, the activities on the right need to be purchased.
    Here is what to do:
       1. Click on the site:  http://www.spellingcity.com/pwilliard/
       2. Choose a word list. Click on it.
       3. Click on the green circle that says "Play a Game."
       4. Choose a game from the lefthandside. 
       5. Have fun getting smarter!