• Here are some websites that offer a variety of games, activities, poems, and stories that can be read. ENJOY!
    https://www.getepic.com/ - On this site, studies can choose from a wide variety of books to read. Additionally, the stories can be read aloud to the student. 
    http://www.storylineonline.net/ - This site allows students to either read or listen to various stories.
    http://www.abcya.com- ABCya! has various activities for students to participate in including typing exercises, spelling activities, word searches, sight word Bingo, and several other interactive and educational games. This website also has math activities for students.
    http://www.timeforkids.com/TFK/- Time for Kids offers a wide variety of reading for students. It is filled with articles pertaining to real life current events. Reading nonfiction articles is always helpful in building a child's background knowledge. The photos help students to create mental images, too.
     http://www.gigglepoetry.com/- This site provides TONS of silly poems for kids to read and enjoy. If your child finds one he/she likes let me know and I can print it off at school and we'll add it to our poetry binder.
    http://www.earobics.com/gamegoo/gooey.html- Students will have the opportunity to choose from several different games on this site on different levels. Some games work on typing, others on spelling, one with antonyms, and many more!
    http://www.gamequarium.com/- Game Quarium allows students to pick a skill and complete the activity go go along with that skills. Skills include finding cause/effect relationships, main idea and detail, comparing and contrasting, seqencing, and more. There are also many other games that include sight words, rhyming words, compound words, and typing skills.
    http://www.starfall.com/ -Starfall provides stories that your child may listen to and fun games to help improve sight word recognition, long and short vowel sounds, word families and much more.
    http://www.scholastic.com/kids/stacks/index.asp -the Scholastic website allows your child to look up books and read about authors.
    http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/- National Geographic for Kids is a great website where your child can read non-fiction material.
    http://www.abcya.com/second_grade_computers.htm- ABCya! provides games to help improve sight word recognition, spelling practice and more.
    http://pbskids.org/lions/games/pounce.html -Between the Lions is an interactive website that allows your child to improve their vocabulary meaning.
    http://pbskids.org/lions/stories/- Between the Lions: Folktales and Fables is another interactive website that allows your child to listen and read along with the narrator.