Character Night 2009
    Character Night 2009 is scheduled for Friday, May 15, 2009.  
    • Please make note of this date.  All Honors students must perform on this date.  NO EXCEPTIONS 
    • Failure to perform on this date will result in: 1) a failing grade for the final exam in both English and History classes ; and 2) no credit for Senior Project.  Students not completing Character Night must complete a Senior Project according to school guidelines.
    Summer Assignment---Character Night Research StarterDue First Day of School 2008-2009 school year. 
    •  Failure to submit summer work will result in an immediate dismissal from Honors English and History classes.  NO EXCEPTIONS
    Character Night Timeline 2009COMING SOON---Please be patient. 
    As of May 2008, we are updating the timeline for the 2009 project.  Dates will include:  deadlines for character to be chosen, timeline due date, research paper draft and final copies, focusing event for speech, outline/notecards for speech, powerpoint slides and scripts, and deadline for biography for program. 
    Important Note about Dates:  
    The May 15th performance date will NOT change.  However, teachers reserve the right to change any other dates on timeline dependent on conflicts with required testing, marking period end dates, and to make adjustments for missed days due to inclement weather or school calendar changes.  Students will be notified in advance concerning any changes to dates on timeline.