Character Night: Project Map and Student Resources
    Students:  Listed below you will find the necessary tasks needed to complete your character Night project.  Throughout the school year, your teachers will be focusing on these different areas through minilessons, review sessions, and workshops.  You be receiving handouts and supplementary materials, including rubrics, to guide you on your completion of this project.

    Project Timeline

    Choose Your Character                                          
    Research Proposal Forms
    Create a Timeline for Your Character   
    Handout: "Tips/Directions for Creating a Timeline"
    Web Sources
    Writing the Biographical Research Paper
              Refocusing Your Research
              Revising Your Thesis Statment; Handout: "Writing a Thesis Statement"
              Revising Your Outline
              Introductory Paragraph with Thesis
        Word Choice
              Incorporating Your Research and Balancing Sources
              Reviewing Content, Organization, and Style Choices
              Reviewing Documentation
             Punctuation & Capitalization
    MLA Style & Documentation
        Types of Documentation Required
              Works Cited:  Citing Print and Electronic Sources
              Parenthetical (in-text) Documentation
              Formatting Your Paper in MLA Style
    Preparing Your Speech & Practices
    Finding Your Focus/Angle
    Writing the Program Bio for Your Character
    The Performance
    Slides and Other Audiovisual Aids