• The Writing Process

    What is it?

    A PROCESS is a series of steps you follow to complete a task.  When we talk about a process for writing, we mean the steps that writers take when developing a piece of writing from beginning to publishing.  For students, this means the steps followed from the time a piece of writing is assigned through to its due date.
         Following steps to develop your writing may seem difficult at first, but in the long run, will help you break down your assignments into smaller, more managable steps.  It's much easier to complete a small step than it is to attempt to sit down and write an entire paper in one sitting.   Following the process also allows you to seek help from your teacher at each step along the way.  Doing so will help you avoid handing in assignments that are completed incorrectly because you never got teacher feedback and waited until the last minute to complete the assignment.

    These are the steps that form the Writing Process:

    • Pre-writing (Invention, Collection, Organization)
    • Drafting
    • Revising
    • Editing/Proofreading
    • Publishing

    View the following PowerPoint slide show for a  detailed description of each step in the Writing Process.