• Adventure-Based Therapy
    (Also know as Adventure Group)
    If your student is part of my class, I'm sure you've heard him/her talk about Adventure Group.  It's definitely a fan favorite.  Adventure Group is run by Mr. Glenn Covert every Wednesday from 10 - 10:30 am.  Mr. Covert (Mr. C) uses fun games and activities to teach us how to work together.  We have 5 basic rules for group...
    1.  Be kind - to yourself and others (Put ups!  No put downs.)
    2.  Be fair - follow the rules.  Everybody has more fun when we can trust others to be fair.
    3.  Be safe - be safe with your body and with your words
    4.  Do your best - try your hardest in everything you do
    5.  Have fun!  (That's the easy part.)
    We will be going on monthly Adventure Trips again this year.  Students earn the ability to participate in off-campus trips.  Each kiddo has the opportunity to earn points throughout the day.  The more points you earn, the higher you climb on our reward ladder.  Those students who are on the "gold level" have earned the privilege of joining us on the next Adventure Trip.
    Projected Trips for 2013/2014:
    October - Corn Maze
    November - Hiking @ Mt. Gretna
    December - Bass Pro Shop & Bowling
    January - PA State Farm Show
    February - Snow Tubing
    March - NO trip...PSSA's
    April - IMAX & State Capital
    May - End of the Year Bash (cookout, swimming, canoeing - maybe???)