100 Book Challenge   


    • Your child will have 100 Book Challenge reading homework every night.
    • At the beginning of the year your child needs to read 15 minutes each night.
    • By mid-year the expectation is for all students to read 30 minutes each night.
    • Over the weekend, students must read for 30 minutes.
    • Over holiday breaks the number of steps students must read for 100 Book Challenge varies. The longer the break, the more steps children will have to read.
    • If the 100 Book Challenge logsheet is not signed, a child will report to the workroom.


    Written Assignments


    • On Monday through Thursday children will have a written assignment. Most nights it is a math.
    • Over the weekend written homework is  not assigned.
    • If the homework is not completed students go to the work room where the missed assignment is done. Students in the workroom miss their entire recess.