When it comes to behavior, I strongly believe in a partnership between school and home. I will be in touch regularly through phone calls, newsletters, notes, and/or emails. If you ever have questions or concerns regarding your child please do not hesitate to be in touch! Here is my system on managing student behavior and discipline.

    Roller Stars
    This year, our school-wide behavior plan has students earning stars. Roller Stars are earned for following expected behaviors such as walking in the halls quietly, completing homework, using please and thank you manners, or being kind to classmates. Each month students needs to earn a given number of stars in order to attend the Monthly Celebration. Stars can be awarded by any adult in the building.

    Super Kid and Team of the Week
    In my classroom I pick a Super Kid and a Team of the Week each week. The Super Kid is chosen based on varies positive traits such as respect, honesty, organization, integrity, and responsibility. Our Super Kid gets to sit on a comfy chair, lead our line, pick a prize, and will get a certificate. I will also call home to share the exciting news! Team of the Week is chosen based on the team of students who worked together the best throughout the week. Team of the Week gets to sit on the coach, earns a prize, and gets a certificate.

    Roller Bucks
    An individual reward system that is used school wide, that is very similar to the Roller Stars, has students earning Roller Bucks. Students are able to "buy" various items with the Roller Bucks they've earned.
    Rules: The Big 3
    1. Follow directions the first time
    2. Respect others
    3. Work hard

    When one of our three rules are broken the consequences are as follows:
    1st time: warning
    2nd time: time-out chair (8 minutes)
    3rd time: time-out chair, silent lunch
    4th time: time-out chair, silent lunch, 15 minutes of recess
    4th time: time-out chair, phone call home, class apology
    5th time: time-out chair, major or minor write-up
    Our time-out chair is located away from other students. While there, students are expected to sit quietly. Students are in the time-out chair for 8 or 9 minutes, depending on their age. After the time is up I meet with the child to discuss which of our Big 3 he/she broke and the child apologizes for his/her behavior.