• What do I expect?


    I expect the 5th grade rules to be followed throughout the entire school year.  They include:

         1. Be prepared for daily activities.

         2. Respect people and property around you.

         3. Listen to and follow directions.

         4. Use an appropriate voice level at all times.

         5. Follow the school rules.

    You have the right to ask questions.
    You have the right to make a contribution to an attentive, responsive audience.
    You have the right to be treated respectfully.
    You have the right to have your ideas discussed, not you.

    Obligations (Responsibilities)
    You are obligated to speak loudly enough for others to hear.
    You are obligated to listen to others in order to understand.
    You are obligated to agree or disagree with the speaker's comments and explain why.

    *A saying I like to use in my room is…. THINK before speaking:

       T- Is it TRUE?

       H- Is it HELPFUL?

       I- Is it INSPIRING?

       N- Is it NECESSARY?

       K- Is it KIND?


    **I believe the classroom should be a safe, respectful, and friendly place to learn.  All of you should feel comfortable asking questions, participating in class discussions, and learning from one another.  I will do my best to lead by example, but I will expect you to follow my lead.


Last Modified on September 18, 2021