• * Can I bring in a treat to celebrate my child's birthday?
              YES! We'd love to help celebrate your child's birthday! Please be sure the treat is at school in time for students to enjoy during our lunch period (11:30-12:00). Also, we have about 25 students so please be sure to include enough for everyone.

    * Does my child have a weekly spelling list?
              No. In class your child will focus on various sounds and spelling patterns. Regularly, we'll practice writing this in class and reading words with these words. However, a traditional list will not come home each week.       
    * Does my child have homework?
             Yes! 100 Book independent reading homework is given daily, including weekends. A shorter math assignment is given Monday - Thursday but not over the weekend. Rarely are exceptations made so you should expect 2 assignments most nights. 
    *What PSSA tests does my child take in 3rd grade? 
              Pennsylvania requires 3rd graders to take the PSSA tests in two conent areas, ELA (English Language Arts) and Math. The specific dates of these tests vary from year ot year but typically they are in April. Schools have a 1 week testing window for both ELA and math. However, we normally test 3 days for ELA and 2 days for math. In 3rd grade the tests are all untimed but usually take students between 45 - 90 minutes for each section. 
    * Will my child go on a field trip?
              Yes! Every year students in 3rd grade go to Indian Echo Caverns and Hershey Chocolate World. Each year we try to go the Friday before Memorial Day in May. 
    * Are chaperones needed for the field trip?
               Yes! We would love to have you join us! PA state law requires all chaperone volunteers to have the 3 needed clearances. 
    * Do I have to pay for the field trip? 
               It depends. Families are given the choice of selling subs to cover the cost of their chilld's field trip or paying for it. Unfortunately, as a grade level we do not recieve finanical help from the school to cover the trip's cost. So if we do not raise the funds ourselves, we do not go.