• Accepted Students:
    Students accepted into the Steelton-Highspire Virtual Learning Academy will be placed on a 4-week probationary status. 
    The Virtual Learning Academy wants to ensure that a cyber education program is the best fit for you.  During this probationary period, you will be required to spend at least 1 week in the Cyber Classroom located at the high school (middle and high school students only).  During this week you will be given an introduction to the online program, your courses, and be given the tools needed to be a successful cyber student.  Students must successfully complete this orientation week to continue on with the cyber program.  Elementary students are required to complete an online orienation module for their program, students must successfully complete this assignment in order to continue in the cyber program. 
    Process and Timeline:
    Open Enrollment for the SHSD Roller Cyber Academy are August-September for the Fall Semester, and December-January for the Spring Semester (it is recommended that new students starting the second semester complete their enrollment by the winter break, or shortly thereafter, in order to have all materials on-hand before the semester begins).  Students must complete the enrollment process in it's entirety by the deadlines (September 10/February 1).  Complete an orientation meeting with the cyber administrator (Mr. Mathers), parent/guardian, and student, and complete the week long orientation period.  Once the application for the program is received students and parents will be notified via email and/or phone to schedule their orientation meetings. 
    Students will receive student/parent welcome letter, expectations contract, orientation, books, and equipment. During the required 4-week trial period, students are expected to complete all expectations of grades and attendance as laid out at their orientation.  Failure to complete the requirements will result in the student having to return to the school building at the end of the 4 week probationary period.  
    Please review current policies and procedures for each building located in the Elementary and Jr/Sr High Handbooks on their pages, or you can pick one up the the main office. 

    Starting during the 2018-2019 academic year, cyber attendance will no longer be taken based upon time logged onto the cyber platform.  Instead, ALL cyber students must attend their designated homeroom with their homeroom teacher, Mr. Mihailof.  Homeroom is conducted on the VLN cyber platform and must be attended EVERY day that SHSD is in session.  For students in grades 1-8, homeroom is held at 7:15 every morning.  For students in grades 9-12, homeroom is held at 1:45 PM every afternoon.  Attendance will be taken each and every day.  If there is scheduling concern with the homeroom time, please discuss an alternative time with your homeroom teacher.