• Links for Parents and Students

    McGraw-Hill Textbook  - this is a digital copy of our textbook.
    MobyMax - this is the program that students use during their intensive instruction.  They can access this at home as well.  Students will need to earn 100 minutes in MobyMax every week.  They will need to earn 90 minutes in the math category and 10 minutes in the fact practice category.  Students can access MobyMax at home to make up minutes if thy missed a day. The program allows students to earn badges (for logging in everyday), compete in contests (with one another), earn game time (for problems that they have answered).  Students are able to log in at home using the same login information that they use at school.  The program starts off with a diagnostic test to see where the student is struggling and then allows the students to practice those skills that they are struggling with.  
    ALEKS - this is another program that students use during their intensive instruction.  This is also the program that the 8th grade uses.  We will be using ALEKS throughout the year as a diagnostic test to see how much the students have grown in the mathematics curriculum.  Students are able to work on ALEKS at home if they choose or during their free time to practice their math skills.
    Class Dojo - this allows you to see what your child is up to during class.  It keeps track of their behaviors (both good and bad), for example  if they are on time to class they get a point, or if they act out in class they would lose a point.
    Remind App - this allows you to stay up to date with your child's homework assignments
    This is a link to information about tutoring, specifically online tutoring.  It also provides a list of online tutoring websites.  Some of these websites are free while others offer a free time.  There will be times that if you need to actually schedule a session to sit down on an individual level it would be a paid service.
    An online tutoring organization that is also recommended not just for math class but for all subject areas in Khan Academy.  You can set up an account for free.