Pursuant to the BEC 24 P.S. 13-1327, schools are required to notify the parent/guardian regarding the need for a joint conference upon the third unlawful student absence. The school-family conference engages all participants involved in the student’s life to explore possible solutions to increase the student’s school attendance. Maintaining open communication between the student and adults will facilitate positive outcomes. 

    The purpose of the school-family conference is to discuss the cause(s) of the truancy and to develop a mutually agreed upon plan to assure regular school attendance. The school-family conference provides both parties with the opportunity to identify, understand and explore all issues contributing to the student’s truant behavior. Participation by the student and family is an integral component for this conference. In addition, representatives from relevant and/or involved community-based agencies, community and school services and school personnel should be invited to participate. During the school-family conference, a SAIP shall be developed cooperatively with the student and other meeting participants as described in Section IV (A)(3) BEC 24 P.S. 13-1327. 

    If your child is absent from school, a note must be turned in within 3 days of that absence.  A doctor's excuse is needed only if the student is absent for 3 or more consecutive days.  Notes must be delivered to the elementary or high school office depending on which building your student attends.  Notes can also be emailed directly to the office attendance secretary.  Elementary notes can be emailed to Mrs. Lehigh at   clehigh@shsd.k12.pa.us.  High School notes can be emailed to Mrs. Zeigler at dzeigler@shsd.k12.pa.us.  Attendance letters are sent home when students reach 3 unexcused absences.  An attendance meeting is held once a student reaches 5 unexcused absences.  A parent can be fined once a student goes over 5 unexcused absences. Any questions can be directed to Mr. Slade at 717-704-3807.


Last Modified on March 15, 2018