• Additional Resources

    **Due to school closures right now, we need to work together and provide students' with enrichment activities.  I will post videos on class dojo of myself reading books and the class will have the opportunity to respond back.  Depending on how long schools will be closed, I will provide online learning to continue education.  I will post videos for parents and the class.  In addition to online learning, please have your child go on Lexia and Extra Math.  

    Here are the directions to use Lexia at home:

    1.  To use on a computer, go to: www.lexiacore5.com

    2.  To use on an iPad, download the free lexiaCore5 Reading app from the app store

    3.  The first time your child uses Lexia, you will need to enter my email: Janderson@shsd.k12.pa.us

    4.  Your child can then log in using their username and password which the should already know (first name and lunch number).


    XtraMath can be accessed by visiting xtramath.org and signing in.  


    Other great resources to use are:

    Storyline Online

    Epic!  www.getepic.com (code is dry9008).

     **Literacy app:



    Reaching Every Child is a website that has curated resources, tools, support, and strategies to help with remote learning.


     **Literacy app: