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    Use the following codes to access all 5th-Grade assignments in Google Classroom:


    Math Class: 

    Mrs. Donnelly's Homeroom: wfyk3sm

    Miss Erdman's Homeroom: ebgmsgi


    Science Class:

    Mrs. Donnelly's Homeroom: 33vh3mj

    Miss Erdman's Homeroom: vlu4ars



    Mrs. Donnelly's Homeroom: yi3lwq4

    Miss Erdman's Homeroom: xkmuc2y


    Social Studies: 

    Mrs. Donnelly's Homeroom: yi6prkl

    Miss Erdman's Homeroom: z4hk45j


    Other classes every 5th grader should have:

    5th Grade Specials: bel4cdk

    5th Grade Guidance: a33bibz