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School Closings & Delays

The Steelton-Highspire School District will be taking advantage of our Flexible Instructional Day program as outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for inclement weather days. Please note that the district can only use up to five FID days for the 2023-2024 school year. Also, please note that not every inclement weather day may be used as a FID day. In other words, we may still cancel school days during inclement weather and we would need to make those days up on the school calendar, if necessary. 

Student participation is required for a successful inclement weather FID day. By continuing education during these weather emergencies, it will allow us to preserve our vacation days as scheduled while keeping instruction moving forward. Please pay close attention to announcements during inclement weather for instructions on how the day will be conducted.

Should there be an occasion when weather or some other emergency necessitates a delayed opening, early dismissal or closure of school, the district puts announcements on:

The district also uses an automated parent notification system to inform guardians of changes in school schedules.

It is very important to keep all contact phone numbers and emails up to date.

Cycle Days

  • When there is a snow day, the cycle day remains the same as the missed day. For example, if school is canceled for snow on Tuesday, cycle day 3. When school resumes on Wednesday, the cycle day is 3 and not 4.

Cafeteria Services

  • When there is a one or two-hour delay, the cafeteria does not serve breakfast.