• Penn State GE Project


    The GE project is a collaboration between the Steelton Highspire School District and the Pennsylvania State University Colleges of Education and Engineering.  First the project will provide a set of TI-73 Explorer graphing calculators for each classroom in grades 6,7, and 8 along with an overhead view-screen and calculator for each teacher.  Second the project will focus on improving students’ responses to open-ended mathematics tasks, including those found on the PSSA test.  The third aspect of the project is to provide a range of mathematics problems, matched to the school curriculum, that are set in ‘new technology’ contexts such as compact fluorescent lighting, cell phones, and digital media.  Students will work on mathematics skills while seeing how mathematics helps to explain how things in their world work


    Please click the links on the left to view the modules online or you can click the links below to download the complete module.



    CFL Module Complete


    Cell Phone Module Complete

    Worksheets and supplimental modules for Cell Phone Module

    Area Station

    Cell Phone Plans Chart

    Cell Phone Plans Station

    Cell PLans Station Prealg

    Tower Placement Station

    Who's correct Station