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    For students that need help with their school-issued device please email your teacher and explain the problem you are having in detail. Please include screenshots of any errors to aid in the troubleshooting process. The teacher will email the technology department if they need help troubleshooting the issue further. Then the teacher will email the student back with suggestions for fixing the issue after conferring with the technology department.

    Students/Parents may also click on the link below, after exhausting all troubleshooting efforts with the teacher, to send an email to the Computer Help Desk:

    Technology Help Request email to Computerhelp@shsd.k12.pa.us 

    If the issue cannot be resolved in a remote fashion, the technology department will instruct the teacher to tell the students a day and time they can bring their device to the school to be worked on. 

    Please see the links on the left navigation for more tips on troubleshooting Chromebook or IPAD issues. 


    What is Technology:
    Technology is the use of electronic devices to enhance everyday life. In the educational environment, technology is an essential resource that is always changing and growing in capacity/need.
    The Technology Department works closely with the Administration, staff, students, and our community to maintain a safe and engaging learning environment. It is the function of this department to maintain and improve upon all technology-related infrastructure throughout the district. This, in turn, will help provide our students, staff, and community with the resources they need.
    Computers/Laptops/Devices:  The district is one to one with IPADS for kindergarten and 1st grade and Chromebooks for 2nd grade through 12th grade. 
    This is a reminder that all students were issued district computing devices. K-1st have IPADS and 2nd-12th have Chromebooks. The students are responsible for all damage to those devices, including the replacement cost for lost or stolen devices. The student handbook has all of our acceptable computer use policies in it or refers to them on the website. The students must agree to the rules spelled out in the handbook and any documents they reference. Please remind your students about their responsibility with the school issued device. A device is the same as a textbook where the student is responsible for damage or lost/stolen district issued textbooks etc. We are holding students responsible for damage to devices and the costs associated with losing a device immediately after it is reported to us.  We will be issuing invoices immediately to the students and recording it in our technology ticketing system. We will also send a pdf copy of that invoice to the following people:


    1. The student’s school issued shsdrollers.org gmail address
    2. The guardians email on record within PowerSchool
    3. The dean of students at the building
    4. The accountspayable@shsd.k12.pa.us email in the business office.


    Students must pay the invoice in full or get on a payment plan within one week of receiving the invoice. The email that we send will describe why they got the invoice and how to pay for the invoice via the business office.


    Below are the general costs for replacing or repairing certain things on the devices. These can fluctuate with market pricing.














    Hinge cover




    LCD Bezel


    LCD Back Cover




    DC in Jack




    Digital Video Projectors:  Each classroom is provided with digital projectors. These projectors can be connected to any computer to allow large screen viewing of digital images and videos. Educators often use the digital video projector to engage students in
    Electronic Whiteboards: The district has several smart boards located throughout the buildings. These are electronic white boards that connect to the computer and projector to allow a student or teacher to control the computer by touching the screen. The students love the interactivity of this tool and the staff love the ease of use.  
    Video Conferencing:  Video conferencing has been around for a while but it has just recently started being a critical online teaching tool. Our staff uses Zoom, Google Hangouts and other ways to communicate with each other and the students through classroom video conferences. 
    Software:  The District is a Google District k-12. All students have a Google account that allows them access to the Google GSuite applications and resources. We also use many educational software programs throughout the curriculum to enrich the teaching and learning of our students. 
Last Modified on September 20, 2023