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     Fifty Nifty United States Challenge:  Can you say the fifty
     states, in alphabetical order, from memory?
    Director:  Ms. Romanofsky
    PLAY KEYBOARD ONLINE:  Virtual Keyboard   
    turn off sustain, turn off keyboard marks, turn on letter notes
    PLAY GUITAR ONLINE:  Virtual Guitar  guitar
     (if you get an error message, close it and click refresh)
    Click 'show keymap.' 
    use Y U O for the notes we learned on the first string (open E, first fret F, third fret G)
    PLAY UKULELE ONLINE:  Virtual Ukulele   
      use the RED CHORD tab, click the BLUE TRIANGLE to strum
       (in class we learned Cmaj Amin Fmaj Gmaj)
                                                                      drum set
    PLAY DRUMSET ONLINE:  Virtual Drumset
    use numbers for different sounds 
    There are no online versions of recorders. 
    The closest is this Virtual Pan Flute
    Do you remember all the words to
    our National Anthem?