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    Update Corona Virus Covid-19 School Closing Resources


    During the days that school is closed, I am providing activities on Google classroom for the students to work on while we are apart.  These activities are designed to help the students to continue to grow!  I will not be taking grades, however, I do hope the students participate.  Those that do, will get extra credit towards their final grade and a prize will be given to those that complete the activities.
    All activities will be on Google Classroom. Tap on the link below to get there.  Students already know-how.  Some will require the students to then go to Classkick.  These activities will be a review of what we did all year. 
    Also, click below and take a look at these great resource sites that will engage your child while they are home from school.
                                                   jj            Resources                jnk
     I miss every one of my students.  Please stay safe and be sure to read at least 30 minutes a night.




    Page last modified on March 22, 2020