• Mr. Watson
    Health and Physical Education Teacher
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    Steelton-Highspire Junior/Senior High School Physical Education






    Mission Statement


    “Our goal is to educate our students physically, mentally and socially with regard to the development and maintenance of personal lifespan fitness and wellness skills.

    By providing a rigorous, comprehensive Health and Physical Education program, the students will have the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in a lifelong, healthy lifestyle.”


    Regulations and Grading Procedures


    Each physical education class is worth a total of 10 points.  5 points for uniform requirements and 5 points for participation and effort. 


    Absent From Class: Students are permitted up to two excused absences from class per marking period with a parental note. After the second missed class, students will receive a zero for classes missed and have the option to make up the class when available from a study hall.


    Medical Excuse: Students will not earn points, or have points deducted for an approved medical excuse provided from their doctor. Students with medical excuses are expected to be present during their gym class to learn through observation.


    Uniform Requirement: 

    ü  Plain T shirt – school logo acceptable.

    ü  Basketball style gym shorts. No biking, cutoff or cheerleading style shorts are permitted.

    ü  Athletic socks.

    ü  Sneakers must be tied properly.

    ü  All jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings) are to be left in the locker room.

    ü  Sweat shirt/pants are encouraged in cooler weather.



    1 point will be deducted for the following violations:  part of uniform does not meet requirements (i.e.  inappropriate shirt, shorts, sweatpants, socks) gum and/or candy in class, tardy to squad, inappropriate behavior in squad.


    Points will also be deducted for lack of participation and effort – up to 5 points per class.


    Students must participate in 60% of classes in a marking period to receive a grade.  Students who do not meet this requirement must make arrangements with their teacher to make-up work.  If this requirement is not met it will result in a failing grade.


    Students who are ill or injured for an extended period of time are required to obtain a medical excuse from their physician.  If greater than 60% of physical education classes are excused for the marking period a grade of “M’” (medical) will be received for the marking period.  If less then 60% of classes are excused the student will receive a grade based on the classes in which they were able to participate.


    Students are encouraged to purchase a combination lock.  All valuables should be locked in a gym locker during class.  Books and book bags are to be left in the locker room also. There are NO electronic devices (MP3, IPods, Cell Phones) permitted during class. These items will be confiscated if seen and turned over to a principal.



    S.H.S.D. Physical Education Participation Rubric:


    The student’s participation grade will be based off of the following criteria:


    5= Active participation 100% of class.

    4=Student is often on task. Student redirects themselves back to active participation.

    3=Student is seldom on task. Teacher must redirect student back to active participation.

    2=Student is rarely on task. Teacher must redirect student 2 times back to active participation.

    1=Student almost never on task. Student must be redirected by teacher 3 or more times back to active participation. Student participated in less than ½ of the class.

    0=No participation


    **Combining uniform and participation will be your P.E. grade for that day. **

    Example: Rob is dressed appropriately so he receives a 5 for uniform requirements; he is then actively engaged the entire class period so he receives a 5 for participation. His grade for that class is a 10/10, or a 100%.


    Health and Physical Education Department,


    Ms. Bosnyak


    Mr. Watson

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