• Welcome to First Grade!
    My name is Mrs. Ross and this is my 8th year as a teacher at SHES. 
    I am so excited to welcome students back to school for the 2022-2023 school year.
    This year we will learn so many new and exciting things. 
    Please make sure to sign up for our Class DoJo page to keep up to date on the latest information. 
    Please welcome, Ms. S., to our classroom. She will be our student teacher for the first half of the school year. I am so excited for her to work with our students. 
    In our classroom, we show ROLLER PRIDE! 
    P- positive attitude
    R- respect
    I- integrity
    D- dedication
    E- excellence
    Below you will find our daily schedule, marking period specials schedule, classroom supply list, important dates, and general information.
    Please check my website periodically throughout the year for important updates. 
    Daily Schedule: 
    * Please make sure students arrive at school on time daily so that they are not missing any of their lessons. 
    8:15- Arrival/Breakfast
    8:45- Morning Meeting
    9:00 - ELA Intervention 
    10:00 - Sonday (whole group)
    10:30 - Daily Special
    11:10 - Math (whole group)
            Math Intervention
    12:30 - Handwriting
    12:45 - Lunch
    1:15 - Recess
    1:45 - Skill and Drill Practice (ELA or math-focused)
    2:20 - Wit and Wisdom
    2:50 - End of Day/Pack up
    Marking Period 1 Specials:
    Day 1: Library
    Day 2: Music
    Day 3: PE
    Day 4: Guidance
    Day 5: Art
    Day 6: Computer
    Supplies Needed:

    pencil box/pencil pouch (either is okay)

    2 packs of sharpened pencils

    2 packs of 16 count crayons


    4 glue sticks (NO LIQUID GLUE)

    pack of erasers

    head phones

    hand santizer

    2 packs of dry erase markers

    2 boxes of tissues

    clorox or lysol wipes

    personal water bottle (please label with student name)

    Mrs. Ross
    First Grade Teacher
    Email: kross@shsd.k12.pa.us
    Telephone: 717-704-3800 ex: 4231