History doesn't "just happen." History is MADE!
    Mr. Czar
    8th Grade
    U.S. History & Reading Edge
    email: gczar@shsd.k12.pa.us 
    Welcome to Steel-High 8th Grade U.S. History! This is my 2nd full year teaching. Before becoming a teacher, I was a bookseller, adventurer, mad scientist, amateur philologist, writer of rhymes, and closet musician--though not necessarily in that order. Ask me about my All in One Minute, All-in-One, Minute Museum.
    Here is a preview of the year to come in our history class:
    • Unit 1: How to be a History Student (a.k.a. How to Make History)
    • Unit 2: Making History Personal
    • Unit 3: Worst-Case Scenario Survival: Getting Out Alive
    • Unit 4: Making a Living vs. Making a Killing: Rich and Poor in America
    • Unit 5: Red, White, and Blue in Black and White: Race in America
    • Unit 6: American Freedom: More Than Bald Eagles and Flags
    • Unit 7: American Government: Who's in Charge Here?
    • Unit 8: Settlement vs. Conquest: What Happened to the First Americans?
    • Unit 9: Black History and the Making of America
    • Unit 10: A Nation of Immigrants
    • Unit 11: Women in U.S. History
    • Unit 12: American Culture: Pop-Tarts, Cowboys, and All That Jazz
    • Unit 13: Made in America: Inventors Make History
    • Unit 14: What's Next? Making History in the Future
    **Subject to change based on the needs of the students.
    Mister Czar