• Greetings: 

    I want to first thank everyone who has been pulling together during this time.  Students who are in Computer Application class will find updates in their Google classroom.  The list of codes can be found on the school web page.  The student in periods 2 and 4 days are currently working on using different apps to promote a business they have chosen to create.  Students in periods 3 and 5 are working on https://www.typing.com/ and enrichment lessons are available at https://code.org/.  Students in 8th grade will be working on https://code.org/  and https://code.org/, and enrichment lessons https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/labs/lab/cyber/ and https://www.digitalcompass.org/     Thank you for working with your student to continue the learning process.



    Mr. Roth 

    Secodary Computer Science Teacher