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  • Welcome to 9th Grade Civics in room 208! In this course, students will learn about the U.S. Constitution, branches of government, and elections. In class, we will discuss current events regarding local, state, national, and international affairs. Once complete, this course will help your student better understand what it means to be a citizen of the United States, and how to actively participate in the local community to make positive change.

    Our course has been designed and organized to be engaing and meet student needs. Each unit that we cover will last about 4 weeks in length. Each week, students will be responsible for a weekly assignment which typically involves an article with questions, webquest, mini-project, and guided notes. For each unit, there will be 3 online quizzes to be completed on Google Classroom. At the conclusion of the unit, we will have a test composed of multiple choice, true and false, matching, completion, and short essay questions. On Fridays, students will work towards the completion of a larger quarterly project, where students will create a take-home product. On lesson days, students will be required to take notes and respond to both a "warm-up" and "ticket out the door" enrichment activity.

    I am so excited to work with your student this school year! I encourage every student to ask questions and to request assistance if needed. If you or your student has questions, please reach out via email at, or by phone at (717) 704-3800 (Ext. 3208). For virtual assistance, I can aslo be available via "Google Hangouts" by appointment.  


Hello! I'm Mr. Horn with my wife, Mrs. Horn, and daughter Ada!
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    Hello! Welcome to 9th Grade Civics. I'm Mr. Horn. I was born on election day '88 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania; where I currently reside with my wife, Mrs. Horn, and daughter, Ada. We have three loveable pets as well! There's our golden retriever, Beau; our friendly feline, Willow; and our aquatics expert and beta fish, Winston. I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Political Science in 2011, and followed that up with a teaching certification from Wilson College in 2013. I'm currently pursuing my Masters in Education at Wilson College. Other than my love for all things Civics, I do enjoy sports (Go Steelers! Penguins! Pirates! Penn State!), disc golf, board gaming, and landscaping. I much look forward to meeting and teaching your student in class! If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!  

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    On Friday, March 20th; Governor, Tom Wolf, ordered all Pennsylvania schools closed for 2 weeks to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. As public officials, school administration, and teachers await further guidance, I have committed to providing students online enrichment activities with the use of Google Classroom. A new class assignment will be posted each week until schools are permitted to re-open. Students and their families are encouraged to check Google Classroom regularly for updates! If you have questions or barriers to completing any assignment, you can reach out via email at or set-up a Google Hangouts session by appointment. As our communities work together to mitigate the affects of COVID-19, I wish all students and their families both safety and good health! 

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    What should my student have to be prepared for Civics? 

    I encourage all students to come prepared with their chromebook, notebook, and pencil for class each day. Chromebooks are used regularly to complete assignments and quizzes. Notes are best taken in a notebook, and can be used to prepare for tests. A pencil to complete in-class assignments is always a necessity! 

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