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Medication Forms and Information

According to Board Policy and the Public School Code of Pennsylvania, school nurses may not administer or dispense prescription medications without written permission from a parent/guardian and a doctor. Student Medication Forms are available from the school nurse and can also be found on the District website. These forms need to be renewed each school calendar year. In addition, any student with asthma, seizures, allergies or diabetes, must have an action plan specific to their condition completed by the physician, parents and students if applicable. These forms should be available from your student’s doctor; they are also available from the school nurse and on the District website. The school nurse is also not permitted to administer over the counter medications without a doctor's and a parent's written permission. In most instances, the District physician has signed standard orders for over the counter medications. These medications include aspirin, Tylenol, Visine etc. These forms are also available from the school nurse and on the District website. 

  • Prescription medication may be administered only at the written request of the child’s physician.
  • Medications MUST BE in the original prescription bottle and kept by the school nurse.
  • NO medications in envelopes, foil, or baggies will be accepted. Medication must be transported to and from school by an adult.
  • Children will not be allowed to carry medications.
  • Inhalers that are prescribed to be carried by a student must be accompanied by a physician’s note indicating the competency of self-administration by the student as well as the order for the student to carry their inhaler with them.

Medication in School English

Medication in School Spanish

Doctors Order and Parent Permission Form for Adminstering Prescription Meds in School