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SHSD One to One Chromebook Initiative

Steelton-Highspire School District One to One Chromebook InitiativeAll students in grades 2-12 received a Chromebook for use at school and at home in a 1:1 initiative.
Students in Grades K-1 will have access to IPADS in a one to one fashion. The goal of the 1:1 initiative is to create a learning environment that allows our students to stay competitive and up to date with technology advances in digital learning. The initiative will allow the students to use their devices throughout the day in every class to encourage critical thinking skills, enhance communication skills, expand collaboration, increase productivity, and inspire innovation.

The district recognizes that students need access to current technology to help motivate and inspire advanced learning and to develop 21st-century digital literacy skills. The teachers recognize the need to adapt teaching strategies to incorporate the use of technology and the lower cost of the Chromebooks is an affordable option that allows the district to place more devices on the student's hand than ever before. The staff and students will receive professional development throughout the year on the effective use of technology. The staff will teach the students how to use technology responsibly and how
to be safe while using online resources.

All students in grades K-12 will be assigned a specific device at the beginning of school. Students will keep that school-issued electronic device throughout the school year and return it during the last week of school. Students in grades 9-12 will be able to use these devices at home during the school year at the school administration's discretion.

In remote learning, scenario devices will be handed out 1-2 weeks before school starts. Directions for this device distribution will be sent out form the district in a remote learning scenario. For an in-person teaching scenario, devices will be assigned the first week, homeroom teachers will pass out the Google Permission form to the students for their guardian to sign and
return to the homeroom teacher. The homeroom teacher will then send the student to the library with their signed form to receive their school-issued electronic devices.

Jr./Sr. high school students that enroll throughout the year will need to go to the library at the Jr./Sr. high school to receive their electronic device. They must bring in a signed electronic device agreement before receiving an electronic device. The library staff will document the information in the inventory system. Elementary students will bring their signed form to their
teacher to receive their school-issued electronic device.

When a student withdrawals from school they must turn in their electronic device before they leave to the homeroom teacher or guidance office. If a student does not return their device, The district will pursue financial restitution and legal action.

Chromebooks will work in a limited capacity offline without an internet connection. If you do not have the internet at home keep this in mind. We are asking your child in grade k-12 to bring them home and charge them for the next day. If you need low-cost internet at home Comcast Internet essentials offer low-cost internet for qualifying families. Please reference their program on the internet. There are several other offers available listed on the district's technology website.
Electronic devices are filtered by our web content filtering software for inappropriate content both at school and at home. The parent/guardian will still need to make sure the students are using the device appropriately at home and use your home family rules and guidelines for electronic device usage.
Students will be financially responsible for any damage that occurs to their school-issued electronic device.
If damage occurs, the student is to notify their teacher immediately and the teacher will report the damage to the Principal and the Technology Department. The student must turn the broken device into the library and the technology department will repair the device. Repair costs are billed to the Parent/Guardian. If the electronic device can’t be fixed the Parent/Guardian will be charged the full price of a new electronic device.
Students in grades K-6 and Grades 7-8 are not typically allowed to take their electronic device home but in some instances, the teacher may allow them to take it home for a special project or scenario. Students in grades 9-12 may take their school-issued electronic devices home as soon as they receive it. If students take their school-issued electronic devices home they are expected to bring them to school with them every day fully charged.
Every student is required to follow the Steelton-Highspire School District’s Acceptable use policy for use of technology. The policy can be found on the district’s technology website and in the student handbook.
The students that receive a school-issued electronic device will be required to sign a form indicating their receipt of the school-issued electronic device and their agreement to all rules
and procedures.

Students are required to keep their school-issued electronic devices with them or locked in a locker or charging cart at all times. If a student wants to leave the school-issued electronic device in the classroom during lunch the teacher is responsible for making sure the door is locked after all students leave the room. The students must lock up their school-issued electronic device during gym in the gym lockers.
If a student forgets to charge their school-issued electronic device at home they can charge it in a provided charging cart in several rooms throughout the building. If a student forgets their school-issued electronic device at home they may request a loaner from their teacher if one is available but it must be left in that teacher's room after each class.
Please refer to the One to One documents located on our district technology website or contact your child’s teacher for more questions