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STEM Industry Training E-sports Club

Congratulations to the students participating in our STEM Industry Training E-sports Club on its first day. The STEM Industry Training E-sports Club is an opportunity for students to understand and participate in industry-related STEM technology fields that are in high demand in the local and national area. The first 5-day after school camp is designed to teach students about computers/systems and the basic repair and maintenance of them. The next 5-day session later in the year will concentrate on teaching students how to create digital media and stream content then apply it to real-world scenarios. These camps and the club will also incorporate aspects of the very competitive and lucrative E-Sports industry. The goal is to provide students with the background knowledge in technology so they can apply it in one or more of the many STEM and  E-Sports fields. The students will use their newly-acquired foundation in STEM and E-Sports to eventually have our very own E-Sports team in the coming years that can compete at local and state levels with other schools. STEM and E-Sports will allow students to learn and compete in a safe environment while also building character, meaningful-relationships, personal skills and workforce experience that prepares them for life. A special thanks goes out to Arcelor Mittal who sponsored this program through a generous grant and a special thanks to Harrisburg University who is providing help with designing the program along with staffing and training during the camps.

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