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Future Cities Competition

The Future City Competition is an engineering event for 6, 7, and 8th graders.  Our Science Club 7th and 8th grade Rollers researched the theme “Clean Water: Tap Into Tomorrow” and wrote a 1494 word paper detailing how their city cleans their water and responds to an emergency threatening the water supply.  Their city was named Ville D’eau for “city of water” and is located near Toronto, Canada in the year 2169.  The solution included such things as drones and nanobot technology. 


They were also required to build a scale model and a virtual city using the SimCity program.  Ville D’eau, the city model, was built at a 1 inch = 50 feet scale and included sights such as a 3-D theater, a space station, and an underwater zoo featuring extinct and genetically modified freshwater animals.  The students also had to prepare and perform a skit integrating the theme and their model.  Our presenters were James Evans, Demaj Jalloh, and Sariah Pietz.


Ville D’eau received the award for Best Land Surveying.Future Cities Competition