Writing Curriculum


This year your child will be instructed using the writing series Good Habits Good Writers. Students are exposed to the 6 traits of writing: ideas, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, voice, and conventions. As your child is working on a specific type of writing (with all of the writing falling into either narrative, informational, persuasive, or poetry) one trait will be taught in conjunction with the writing piece.

The different types of writing we will do this year include
* personal narrative - we pick an exciting even from our life and write about it
* narrative - we create our very own fiction story
* nonfiction text summary
* fiction summary
* poetry - various types of poems
* journaling - on many different topics 
* animal research essay
* persuasive letters - written to our principal, parents, and even Miss Kretzing!

With each of our writing pieces we will follow the steps of the writing process
1. prewriting - brainstorm our ideas
2. drafting - write a sloppy copy
3. revising - add more details, change some words, move some sentences
4. editing - find mistakes in punctuation, capitalization, usage, and spelling
5. publishing - write a final copy and then share with our classmates

Any time you can get your child writing - whether writing sentences, stories, journaling, poems, about what he/she read, or about his/her math problems - the better!!